Adams New Edge offers professional sharpening services for dog groomers, chefs, hair stylists and barbers. We sharpen all types of scissors, clipper blades, shears and blades including bevel and convex edges. We do service work on all the major clipper brands and models and certain dryers. We know how important your tools are to providing top quality services. That's why we use only high quality sharpening tools and provide fast mail order service to keep your wait time to a minimum.

Our Grooming Products

We've had many years of professional pet grooming experience so we have first hand experience with the pet grooming supplies we sell. We carry the pet grooming tools and supplies that we know will deliver the professional results you want.

Sharpening Services

We specialize in hair/fur cutting tools, but we also sharpen any make, style, and shape of scissors. From the tiniest surgical scissor to the longest curved grooming scissor on the market, our clipper blade factory sharpening equipment ensures professional results.

Special Promotions

We always have new products and inventory to show you, so before you check out with your order, be sure to take a look at our special promotions.
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